Ivan Greene

Web developer specializing in JavaScript.

Core Skills

  • Back-end
    • Node.js and Various Frameworks
      • express
      • Mongoose
      • Sequelize
    • Databases
      • MongoDB
      • [My]SQL
    • Unit Testing and Continuous Integration
    • Linux Server Administration
      • httpd Configuration/Management (nginx, Apache2)
  • Front-end
    • Vue.js
    • React
    • Redux
    • jQuery
    • Responsive CSS/Sass
    • CSS Frameworks
      • Bulma
      • Bootstrap

Selected Projects

  • Rouder, Author - View on npm
    • Open-source library for handling client-side routing for single page applications. Implements express-style route handling with callbacks and query parameters. Package has unit tests written with Jasmine, and has automated publishing to the NPM registry through Travis CI.
  • SimpleFun, Author - View on GitHub
    • React-Native image editing app. Makes use of gl-react for openGL components and Redux for state management. Work in progress.